Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lola the Dog

Kathryn Queen and her husband Michael live in Jefferson Park. I'm passing along an e-mail I received from Kathryn this week:

If there is anyone out there who has the room in their
heart for Lola.

My husband Michael’s shop is in City of Commerce and
for about a year this little red pit-bull was running
around the street of all the shops looking for food.
Michael, as well as many of the other guys in the
neighborhood, befriended her
but all assumed she belonged to someone. One
day his neighbor told him that the city came and took
her away. Michael felt horrible and knew that she
would be killed, as there are mostly pit bulls in
pounds these days in L.A. So, he went to the pound and
got her. We had decided that the only way we could
keep her was to have her as a shop dog. Home was not
an option, we have 2 small dogs and a baby who’s only
a year old. We named her Lola, and, after about 2
months of
having her at the shop, we realized that it was just
cruel to leave her there in the cold all alone at
night. Once you get to know a pit bull you find that
they are so cuddly and such big babies. Lola hates to
be cold. A lover of the sun she is. So Michael
began bringing her home at night. It took a while to
get used to her, but she is so gentle with the other
dogs and great with our daughter too! I’ve tried to
make a go of it, but three dogs is more than we can
handle. We love her and need to find a good home for

Lola is an abandoned street dog and has some special
needs. She has had a least one litter of puppies and
has scars all over her body from who or what ever
happened before us. We think she was abused because
she is a little jumpy and startles if you move to
quick or yell. Lola needs someone who doesn’t work
long hours away from home and has time for her. She
has separation anxiety and needs to be outside if left
alone. Lola loves to play and go for walks. Lola is
very well trained to pee outside. Lola loves other
dogs and people too but is a little shy at first with
some men, I think because of the abuse. She’s really
small for a pit bull--only about 50lbs and not very
tall. We have already had her fixed, micro chipped,
and she has all her shots. We just need to find
her a home as soon as possible. If you can find it in
your heart and if you have the time and space, please
consider taking Lola into your home. If you can’t,
please pass this message on to others you know who
might be interested.

Thank You, Katie Queen