Sunday, October 25, 2009

About This Site

Yes this is a real estate web-site, masquerading as a blog, masquerading as a web-site.  I've deliberately eschewed the emerging web-site standard: pretty slide show, mortgage calculator, a rap sheet of recent sales.  Nor, do I offer a jazzed up bio, full of hand-picked testimonials, and the usual sing song promises: unmatched service, attentive team, a bouquet of flowers on your birthday.  (For something a bit more in this vein, see our brokerage site:

Instead, I offer unburnished opinions, a lot of 'em, probably enough to build a gallows.  Dig through the archives (500 entries divided among 20 topics) and you'll find years of street-level reporting on the urban experience, architecture, and the real estate industry (replete with criticism). 

I write from the perspective of an agent whose chief conviction, and practice, is the promotion and preservation of historic housing stock and neighborhoods, be they mansions in privileged enclaves or humble folk dwellings in the tenderloin.

Additional notes:

*Occasionally, I detail events, vendors, or services.  Never have I received payola for doing so.
*Listings are grouped under Current Listings (in the side bar), though I've often pocket listings that don't show on the site (inquiries welcome).
*The photowork is my own.