Thursday, March 18, 2010

Swiss Chalet Style (Part 1)

Few examples of the Swiss Chalet Style exist in Los Angeles, and almost all were built during the Edwardian era.  

Two principal sub-types can be distinguished.  The first (see image top) combines a low-pitched front-gabled roof, with clipped (or jerkinhead) end, deep eaves, and exposed rafters.

The second (see image middle) is sited perpendicularly, and a large, elaborate masonry chimney serves as a visual centerpiece.

Tudor-like half-timbering, patterned stickwork, and a second story porch or balcony paired with substantial brackets, are also defining features. 

Chalet elements were frequently applied to the pervasive Craftsman plan type.  In the third image, a bungalow bears Chalet style stickwork in its gables.  Note the elaborated, pendant-like, ends.
Part 2 tomorrow....



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