Friday, March 19, 2010

Swiss Chalet Style (Part 2)

Please see preceding post: Swiss Chalet Style Part 1

Disappointingly, most of L.A.'s Chalets have been significantly altered: projecting porches enclosed, or eliminated; detailed balustrades, scroll sawn railings, lost or replaced by hollow core metal.

An outstanding model from versatile, creative architect Charles Whittlesey (image middle), and the Angelus Vista neighborhood.  Whittlesey's rendition includes an extending ridge and tapered modillions. 

The Bavarian spirit is alive and well in Adams-Normandie thanks to notched stickwork and scalloped details.



Anonymous Craig said...

Don't forget, the Chalet lives on in post-war ranch houses, and some are fairly charming. We're just now getting into the business of saving them...

8:53 AM  

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