Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Weather?!?

Thursday's freak winds toppled the gerry-rigged trellis atop my unlikeable cinder block wall. My arch-enemy, the bougainvillea, capitalized with jail-break tenacity, surging across the alley, encumbering passage with a medusa-like sprawl.

My alley-mate, a metalsmith, offered use of his dumpster, and the great cut-back began. I need another project like I need a forced march, but here it is.

Elsewhere, we've reduced the price on 1522 S. Hobart Boulevard (to $749K!!!), targeting a quick sale. I'll hold it open today from 2 - 5:30 pm, and again Tuesday from 11 - 2:30pm. I'm requesting all offers by late day Wednesday.

An aside, I awoke last night to the thunderclap. My first thought: 'Oh no, attendance at my Sunday open will be compromised'. Okay, really my first thought was 'shit!'

1522 S. Hobart is blessed with sunny skies, a Mills Act contract, and therefore, startling low and transferable property taxes.

Could somebody please call me this afternoon with the Clipper score?