Sunday, November 04, 2007

Is RecenteringElPueblo becoming RecenteringElPetco?

Finally, I nabbed one. For months I've wanted to write about the stray bunnies I encounter (with irrepressible astonishment) on neighborhood walks, and mostly at night. But never had I a camera, and the proof is really in the picture, no?

There's a front yard rabbit on 30th. One night I saw two hares on 11th Avenue--two!. I spotted a jack rabbit near St. James Park, another in the empty lots on Scarff. A cottontail was bagged on 27th St. This fellow was grazing in an alley near 4th Avenue and Jefferson.

With all the semi-feral dogs cruising about, their survival seems impossible, yet I keep seeing them. Or is this my version of Jimmy Carter's rowboat?

Today's Open: 2361 W. 20th St. (near Arlington & Washington) from 2 - 5.



Blogger Lisa said...

pets, meat, or sacrifice?

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

I thought I was imagining things when I saw a bunny hop past my house. A few days later I came home to, I think, the same bunny sitting on my front lawn with two feral cats. They weren't fighting. They just seemed to be eyeing each other. Funny thing is the cats left first. I guess because the bunny was bigger?

6:19 PM  

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