Tuesday, July 15, 2008

University Gateway

Site prep continues for University Gateway, a mixed use development at the NW corner of Jefferson & Figueroa. Gateway is slated to provide 421 student apartments and 83,000 square feet of ground floor retail (including reportedly a major bookstore chain).

While some are concerned with scale, market impacts, and the conjunctive threat to the Felix Chevrolet showroom, the project might benefit preservation pursuits in the immediate University and North University neighborhoods, by providing more student specific housing close to campus.
University and North University Park boast some of the best 19th century housing stock in Los Angeles, a fair percentage of which serve ingloriously as a student dumping ground.

One Eastlake Manor, offered recently for sale, but long deployed as a jv flop house, featured a rare pully driven dumbwaiter, littered with empty bottles of Modelo and Carta Blanca. "Shameful," my client muttered, intended for the insensitive landlords happy to offer endangered architectural carrion to a rotating class of third-year buzzards.

That property sadly passed from one investor to another, and continues to host all manner of co-ed queens, New England run aways, and Carta Blanca lovers. In the meantime Urban Partners, the Gateway developer, expect to open by fall 2010.



Anonymous west adams hipster said...

better student housing built on the fig corridor will reduce traffic through the historic neighborhood, get the couches off the lawns, allow the preservationists to get the houses so families can once again move into the glorious West Adams neighborhood.
This type of development is a plus for the entire city. Urban universities on the east coast have figured out how to peacefully coexist with the "real" people who live in the area, why has it taken us so long to figure it out?

12:06 PM  

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