Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Hover Market

Nowadays the real estate salesperson gig goes something like this:

First, you show your buyer a property.

A few days later, the listing agent follows up, "did your buyer like the property?"

"As a matter of fact," you respond, "s/t/he/y did and they're considering an offer."

"Well, I haven't anything in writing," the listing agent predictably returns, "but there's a couple hovering."

"Let 'em hover," I growl, "my buyers are throwing down paper and kicking ass!" (Thereafter, I would throw down, er forcibly reseat the receiver; only, I damaged a cell phone making a similarly grandiloquent gesture.)

It's the hover market, everybody's hovering. I get updates from agents every day, e-mails, texts: 'they're hovering, three different buyers are hovering, two ladies are h-h-hovering.'

"Are they in hovercrafts?" I snigger, whilst trying to restrain myself from forcibly reseating the receiver.

In the meantime my buyers are putting pen to paper, taking numbers, and....well....a few are hovering.

"What about your buyers," another agent asked, "aren't they also hovering?"
"Oh no," I gasped, "they're not hovering at all, we're locked in a furious endurance battle, smoking out the enemy, biding our time..."
"They're hovering," he interrupts.
"Bingo," I add.



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I love your writing and photography, Adam.

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