Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grassin' Grass

Remember when verdant, clean-edged lawns connoted status and neighborhood standing?
Times change.  Water use restrictions and a burgeoning water consciousness are shifting the paradigm.  

The unbroken carpet effect (seen here in Leimert Park) used to signal pride of ownership; now, it translates as sluggish and lacking progresivity, a bit like Humvee drivers in a gas crunch.  

The new world order is even on display in show-boaty Hancock Park, where many a former putting green browns; and elsewhere, as some homeowners, inspired by LADWP turf removal incentives, embrace landscape alternatives.  

The semantic system is finally under attack, pitted by terms like evapotranspiration and soil percolation.  With a crisis looming, 
will morality oblige?



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